Sridevi’s death: delay due to forensic investigation, high profile case is not being taken due to risk

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National Desk: Even after 19 hours of Sridevi’s death in Dubai, her family could not get her body. Anil Ambani’s plane has reached Dubai to take her body. But due to the time is taken in medical examination, bringing the body to India is delayed.


According to Dubai’s local media house Khaleej Times, after the forensic examination, the body of Sridevi is yet to be entrusted to the family. There is a delay in this because the working hours of the office have been over by the time of Dubai. The chief doctor has gone to the office, although a team of other doctors is investigating.

Medical tests are left

Sridevi is yet to have some medical test. After this, the body of Sridevi will be sent to the Muhsina Embalming Center. Only then it can be brought to India through a private jet. The relatives of Sridevi are waiting for the body to get from the Forensic Department. However, the good thing is that the passport related and other necessary actions of the police have been completed with the Ministry of External Affairs. It is being told that Sridevi’s postmortem is doing Dr. Khalid Albruraki. An official says that since it is a high profile case. We can not make any kind of slogans in it. Sridevi’s Postmortem is running in Dubai’s General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology. Once the procedure is complete, the formalities can be completed only.

She gets unconscious in Bathroom

Sridevi’s funeral will take place on Monday at one o’clock in the afternoon. On Saturday night at 11 o’clock, Sridevi died after being unconscious in the bathroom in the Emirates Tower. Sridevi was immediately taken to Rashid Hospital after this. Where the doctors of the team declared her dead. Sridevi Actor Mohit Marwah’s family went to Dubai to join the wedding. They attended every ceremony of marriage. But he was constantly tired. Mohite Marwah’s wife is the niece of Tina Ambani (sister’s daughter).

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