Shahrukh Khan’s Daughter Suhana Khan Trolled Once again for her Dress
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Once again, Shahrukh Khan’s daughter, Suhana Khan has become trolled on social media. Recently, some trollers commented about a photo of Suhana shared on Twitter. Suhana was given the advice to wear the dress properly.

Indeed, his mother, Gauri Khan, has posted a photograph of Suhna on his account, showing some part of his body. Suhana Khan was trolled due to his dress.

In pictures, she is wearing a one-piece dress in which the upper part of his body and legs are visible. Posting on this photo of Suhana, a user has written that Suhana does not have the right to call you a Muslim. A Muslim girl should always keep her body covered. Suhana is trying to grow up very soon. Calm down baby girl.

Amongst those who troll Suhana, some fans also supported Suhana and said, “This is the choice of happiness that she will wear and how she will live.”

Sorry Ikra but that’s a regressive and patriarchal mindset Girls should we want Besides, she looks absolutely fine.

– ‘Z’aran (@bazzzigar) December 25, 2017
On the twitter, a fan of Shahrukh wrote – He is not well prepared and does not seem to be a descent at all. You can also become a good actress without wearing such clothes. I know that you are always ready like this but she is a child and people will judge her.

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