Irrfan Khan’s film ‘Blackmail’ trailer released

blackmail poster
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After the teaser, the trailer of Irrfan Khan’s film ‘Blackmail’ has also been released. The teaser was very interesting, in which Irfan Khan was running half-naked on the road. Now it is being cleared from its trailer. The story that was shown in the trailer and is also engaging the audience. Irrfan Khan is in the lead role.

The character of Irfan watches his wife on the bed with someone else. What will he do after this? Either he can kill any of the two or divorces his wife. If you are thinking of this, then there is a twist for you in the trailer. He turns away from both of these ways and blackmails her boyfriend and demands money from her. The story goes somewhere that the blackmailing knife roams around and comes to Irfan’s character and afterward he has to run away.

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