Deepika tells about the time when she came in depression
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Deepika was in Depression

Deepika Padukone had already acknowledged that there was a time when she had gone into a deep depression but then she handled herself and strengthened herself to move forward in her career. She again remembered those days and told her mother about this.

In a function in Mumbai, Deepika said that when she was suffering from depression, her mother had caught her first symptom of depression. Deepika said that the mother first called our family doctor. Deepika Padukone says, “It started because of my loss. She did not understand what was going on with me.

I did not think of anything at all. She used to lose money and my mother used to come to Mumbai to see me in between. She first reported this matter. I was doing a film at that time and I did not understand what circumstances I was going through. I had to pull myself out of bed every day. “Deepika said,” Mother came one day when she returned and I came to cry. He called our family friend, who is a counselor. He knew us So understand me and I can overcome it. “Deepika has also set up an institution to deal with the depression which also imparts the counseling of the Depress.

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