Akshay Tells, “How people behave when his films were getting flops”

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Past Of Akshay Makes Him to Become StrongĀ 

Akshay Kumar has become a guarantee of success at the box office today. But there was a time when Akshay Kumar’s films were constantly getting flops one after another. Akshay says that at that time when he was not successful, people used such questions that did not understand what to answer.

During the conversation with Akshay, he told that in one year when all the films were flopping in one year and I was going to some show then some of the media people screamed and asked him that one after one film is getting flop Akshay, What are you going to do next? Will not work either.


Akshay says that at that time it seemed strange that the film is flopping, how you are feeling. He said, “On that day I also responded to a channel that it looks like same as you like when your channel does not get TRP. Akshay says that this is the reason why even today when movies are getting successful and still people ask me how it looks, then I can not answer because I have seen that time too. Therefore, I have not allowed the success to dominate the brain.

Akshay got one thing and admits that he had got a different kind of filling at that time when he was doing heroic films and his previous films were not successful.

Both actors got the equal rolls, but another hero was given a suit in the hotel and given me a single room. He got a car and I was told to come from the bus. Akshay said that everything here is so uncertain that if your film is working then you will also shift from first class to private. And nobody will ask if the film is not successful.

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